Piping Plover

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The Piping Plover is an endangered species. Signs on many of the beaches show it nests along the beaches where it is vulnerable to predation and to human accidents.    

Birds of Nova Scotia

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It’s a joy watching all the different birds I find in Nova Scotia. Some are very similar to the birds found in Ontario, others are nothing like their land bound cousins.   Ring Necked Pheasant The first ‘stranger’ I saw … Read More

Nova Scotia 2014

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Rose and I headed off to Nova Scotia again this summer. It’s a bit of a drive, some 1600km but well worth it. Day 1 August 16 We left home early and drove into the east. Then we drove some … Read More

Tourist’s at Peggy’s Cove

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We visited the iconic Peggy’s Cove.   Rose played the pirate!   The tourists.     We saw the lighthouse and pictures were taken.   The girls had to stop for ice cream. It was a hot day!     … Read More

Fall Colours

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My father and I took the day and toured through Algonquin Park. We were fortunate enough to have spent the day while the fall colours peaked along the Highway 60 corridor. It was a good day well spent with my … Read More