Birds of Nova Scotia

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It’s a joy watching all the different birds I find in Nova Scotia. Some are very similar to the birds found in Ontario, others are nothing like their land bound cousins.   Ring Necked Pheasant The first ‘stranger’ I saw … Read More

Clara Hughes in Deep River

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On June 29th, Clara Hughes, six-time Olympic medalist, was in Deep River as part of her “Clara’s Big Ride” in support of mental health issues. Clara was on day 108 of her 110 day, 11,000 km bicycle ride around Canada … Read More

Barron Canyon

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On Thanksgiving Monday my friend Dave and I drove up to the Barron Canyon for a look around and down. The oaks and other hardwoods on the drive there were if full colour and looked amazing. The Barron Canyon, part … Read More

Great Blue Heron Bass Fishing

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I was sure the Great Blue Heron was around but couldn’t find it. I wandered around it’s usual haunts in the shallows but it just wasn’t there. Lots of other people were around fishing but not the Heron. I scanned … Read More