Piping Plover

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The Piping Plover is an endangered species. Signs on many of the beaches show it nests along the beaches where it is vulnerable to predation and to human accidents.    

December Deer

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There are times when it all just seems to come together. Sunday morning was one of them. The weather was cool at -15C and the sun was shining on a dusting of new snow. I’d been up to Black Bay … Read More

Birds of Nova Scotia

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It’s a joy watching all the different birds I find in Nova Scotia. Some are very similar to the birds found in Ontario, others are nothing like their land bound cousins.   Ring Necked Pheasant The first ‘stranger’ I saw … Read More

Black Bear

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Berry season is here and with it Black Bear sitings. Like most Canadians, the blueberry is considered a staple food by the black bear. I was fortunate enough to run into this one snacking on the blueberries. It would just … Read More

Wolf and a Doe

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It was a beautiful summer morning. I’d invited Dad along with me on my Sunday morning jaunt through the Petawawa area. I’d planned on showing him where I shoot and then stop by the Petawawa River to enjoy the sounds … Read More

Fox Pups

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  Heading home Tuesday morning I detoured through the Petawawa forestry as I often do. Saw a set of ears poking up through the grass on the roadside. Slowed down and stopped to see a Red Fox pup. Shot the … Read More

Merganser Ducklings

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This Merganser family was sunning itself on a rock not far from shore. The little ones, being little ones, were constantly shoving and pushing each other off the rock into the water. They would swim around to the backside of … Read More

Great Blue Heron Bass Fishing

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I was sure the Great Blue Heron was around but couldn’t find it. I wandered around it’s usual haunts in the shallows but it just wasn’t there. Lots of other people were around fishing but not the Heron. I scanned … Read More

Young Raccoon

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In early april I came across this young raccoon foraging along the roadside where the sun had melted back the snowbanks. It was a most inquisitive little one. Over the course of the week I saw him on 3 separate … Read More